Why Promiser.pro?

It is the highly effective solution to get rid of any addiction and overweight.

Your wife is complaining that you reek after you smoke. Your superior stares at you reproachfully and mentioned yesterday that the duration of smoking breaks is already being recorded and evaluated financially in some institutions. No matter how hard you try to prevent it, kids and other people close to you inhale some of the smoke. The question arises: Is smoking worth it? The answer is clear. No one has ever earned money while smoking.

If you spend approximately £10 per day on cigarettes, this amounts to over £3,500 per year. You can save an impressive amount of some £110,000 in 30 years on the costs for cigarettes and related costs alone if you quit smoking. If you add up the unused opportunities at work (if are paid by piecework), you can easily calculate an impressive amount of an additional £110,000 in 30 years. That’s a vacation house for you!

Imagine yourself in your employer’s shoes. The breaks taken by employees in order to enjoy a smoke along with coffee breaks amount to approximately 1 hour of work per employee. Thus, the company loses approximately £3,750 per year if the value of an hour of work is £15. Moreover, what if the value of an hour of your work is £25, £75 or even more? Think for yourself: Why should the employer grant bonuses, give you a raise or motivate you financially in any other way if a non-smoker is much more valuable employee?

Obviously, smoking doesn’t pay off for you or your employer either. However, it’s not that simple, right? If it were, you would have already quit.

Promiser.pro is a method based on scientific research that helps get rid of harmful habits effectively and helps you earn money while doing it.

How does it work?

  • Register at promiser.pro.
  • Promise to get rid of a habit by concluding a contract with a friend, wife, employer, or with everyone together.
  • In order to vouch for your promise, allot an amount of money which you agree to lose in case you don’t keep your promise.
  • Invite other sponsors (they can be people suffering from your addiction) to support you and to allot a monetary bonus (amounting to at least the amount allotted by you) in case you succeed. The more sponsors you have, the higher your bonus.
  • Beat the challenge successfully, get your collateral back and receive the bonus!

Let’s model potential earnings. Let’s say you want to quit smoking because you are fed up with the feeling of over smoking in the evenings, discrimination of smokers in public places, constant expenditures for cigarettes and other related things. Your wife, your best friend and the manager of the department where you are the only smoker approve of this. So you register yourself, choose a 6-month period and invite your wife, your best friend and your manager to take part. You allot £150, and your wife and your best friend who believe in your strong resolution agree to add an additional £150 each, whereas your manager adds £600. You get back your collateral and receive the premiums of your supporters – a total of over £1,000 – in half a year. Moreover, you haven’t spent a cent on cigarettes during these six months, which adds more than £1,800 to this amount. This is a benefit of almost £3,000 in six months, but of course, only if you are successful. If you think that you need even stronger motivation, invite more supporters. The more supporters, the greater the support and, obviously, the premium.

You lose your collateral if you don’t keep your promise. Besides this, you are in for a serious conversation.

You can get rid of alcohol, gambling, computer games, excess weight or an unhealthy lifestyle, drugs or any other addictions that torture you and the people close to you.

Are you looking for a way to help someone get rid of a harmful habit?

You can be an excellent motivator.

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