Christine (29) Knows How To Lose Weight

I work as a hairdresser. I used to being around pretty, slim co-workers and customers in the hair salon where I work. I took great care of my hair and skin, but I neglected my figure because of long hours of work and poor nutrition. I used to snack on food with low nutritional value often and I used to stuff myself when I came home tired late in the evening. As a teenager, I was skinny. And initially when I started to gain weight, I got a lot of compliments. But as I gained more weight, I began to realize that it was no longer ‘womanly curves’ but a problem when the scale indicated 180 pounds and I am not a really tall woman. My weight seemed to be heading way over the limit. Gradually, my appearance had changed within five years of work, and this not only affected my self-confidence, it affected also my work performance. Eventually it affected my health. In the beginning, I used to try to joke and say that I’m on two diets because I was not getting enough to eat on only one diet, etc. My social life also began to suffer. I also used to get tired fast. I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that my coworkers were able to serve 1–2 more customers per day than me. Besides this, their circle of customers grew more than mine and they used to get more and better recommendations. I understand now that a slowly working, grumbling and constantly complaining hairdresser, although quite good, begins to repel people little by little because they not only want a high-quality haircut, but also a pleasant environment and some relaxing small talk. When this dawned on me, I began to spend more money on weight loss products that were supposed to help me lose weight without any serious effort or hunger. Needless to say, these products just didn’t work. I even joined gyms and sports clubs, but after a couple of visits, I lacked the will power and just couldn’t manage to make the time to go anymore. I also spent money on various body-shaping underwear, which not only made me get tired quicker, but also made me feel bad. I began to earn less money because my pay is directly dependent on the number of customers served and the procedures performed. That was the last straw. I used to promise myself that I was going to lose weight. I even promised family and friends that I was finally going to lose weight once and for all. Obviously, they began to lose faith in me. They basically would say, “Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that before.” I was very frustrated. But finally this frustration turned to determination because of a challenge. This time, I had my heart set on it and bet my sister that I would lose 30 pounds within 6 months. I pledged £500 to her as collateral and as proof of the seriousness of my intentions. We agreed that I would lose the collateral if I failed and that she would return it and give me an additional £500 as a prize if I reached my goal. Wow. What a difference an incentive makes. It truly motivated me to lose the extra weight and fat. I lost the extra weight and my weight has been stable for a year already. Not only sports and balanced nutrition but also eating a healthy diet with weight control in mind helps me maintain my weight. And I am proud of my “new body” which I show off in the new clothes that I bought as a present for myself after losing the weight.