Rob (44) Knows How To Quit Binge Drinking

I work as a car mechanic. I used to trade in cars and transported them to the Continent years ago. The economic crisis ruined my business. I was deeply in debt. I began drowning my worries in alcohol more and more often. I tried to get back on my feet. I found a job in a small car repair shop, but my condition kept worsening. My colleagues didn’t shrink from drinking alcohol also, so we used to drink together after work at the garage. I used to be absent from work a few days a month because of heavy hangovers, and I was increasingly less attentive when I worked and I used to make mistakes. My wages were reduced, but for me it only meant that I started choosing cheaper drinks. I used to spend almost all my wages on drinking. I was a real pain for the people close to me. Conflicts and scandals were a daily routine at home. When my teenage son expressed his wish to move to live at his grandmother’s and my wife threatened to divorce me, I understood that I must change something in my life seriously or that I would hit rock bottom. Although my family had already heard plenty of promises to change from me, they gave me one last chance. I made a deal with my wife (my parents, brothers and my best friend joined the deal later) that I would get rid of the addiction to alcohol and would not have a single drop from now on. I pledged a portion of my wages – £200 – and we agreed that I would lose this as collateral if I didn’t keep my promise and that my wife, mother, father, brothers and my friend would give me £200 to £400 as an incentive as well as my collateral back if I would lead a sober life for at least half a year. I made it. This money was the initial contribution to my new life. It’s been a year already since I opened up my own car repair shop and I only employ responsible mechanics who don’t drink. I can finally take care of my family the way they should be at last.