Dan (31) Knows How To Get Rid Of Gambling

I am a salesperson. I was in a managing position in an international company and kept increasing sales for my company steadily and significantly. Unfortunately, my gambling addiction was an obstacle for my career. When I was a teenager, I had already begun to play cards, gambling for money with my friends in the yard and classmates, and spent my pocket money on gambling, instead of snacks. Soon, I moved on to slot machines and then on to sports betting. At the time, it seemed to me that I was simply having a good time, just like my friends. When I started working and my income began increasing, I decided that I could afford to go to the casino. The pleasant environment, helpful staff and the early wins intoxicated me. I got deep into trouble. I split up with my girlfriend, ran up debt, and started creating conflicts at work. But the managers of the company didn’t want to let me go easily and lose a qualified and insightful employee. They valued my experience and competence so they offered me a deal. Agreeing to the deal that I wouldn’t gamble anymore was my salvation. My venturous character prevented me from giving up and losing. They pledged 10,000 dollars if I could do it. We agreed that they would give me the money if I kept my promise and did not set foot in a casino or gamble for at least six months. The main prize of the bet was a promotion and an excellent position in the company headquarters, including a salary that was a few times higher. Had I resumed my old habits and gambled, I would have lost the money. I made it. I haven’t gambled for a year already, and I don’t even buy lottery tickets. My suitcases are packed and a luxurious apartment has been rented out in London. I am moving to the company headquarters and starting a new stage in my career soon.