Why Promiser.pro?

You can get rid of smoking, excess weight or an unhealthy lifestyle, binge drinking, gambling, gaming, any other addiction or simply bad habit that torture you and the people close to you, or you can be an excellent motivator if you're looking for a way to help someone get rid of a harmful habit. The uniqueness of the new platform is a threefold motivation: saving, fear of losing money and financial rewards. Besides, the promise itself obliges the person morally in front of those to whom the promise is given.

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How It Works?

When the PROMISER challenges himself, he/she confirms the promise with a deposit. Supporters motivate the promiser by offering a financial award. If the promiser keeps the promise, he/she receives all the money. In case of a failure, promiser's deposit goes to charities and wellness projects, and covers organizational costs.
When a SUPPORTER or an EMPLOYER challenges the promiser…

Make money by quitting!

We created an evidence based tool for those who suffer from bad habits, their family members, friends and even employers. Promiser.pro helps to fix things at least 10 times more effectively than trying to do it on your own and helps to earn money while doing it!